MR Youth :: Victoria's Secret Pink

PINK dog on the roof

PINK dog on the roof

PINK launch event in Miami's South Beach

outdoor display graphics

street-level event promotional graphic

street-level event promotional graphic

customized vehicle graphics

custom vehicle pulling our large PINK dog


Product launch event

client: Mr. Youth

So one day, not too long ago, we received a call from a regular client with an unusual request. Their client, Victoria's Secret was promoting their PINK brand in a significant outdoor event in Miami's South Beach. 

They were looking for a dog model. It had to be pink and approximately ten feet tall. We quickly jumped on the phone and started making calls. Somewhere along the way, we concluded that because the finished item piece required the use of a flat-bed truck, the original specified height would not have allowed passage underneath overpasses and other types of overhead obstacles. 

This piece of information eliminated what could have been a severe problem.

As you will see from the photos, all ended well, and the client's customer was ecstatic with the results. The point that we would like to emphasize is that because we deal with this kind of stuff every day. Preventing a decapitated dog from attending the party was just another example of our close attention to every last little detail.



“Driven by the opportunity to provide elegant solutions, Warren Impact is an excellent creative partner. Their acquired knowledge through years of experience, a detailed goal-oriented approach leaves little to chance and guarantees high-quality results.” – Vincenzo Saulle, vice president operations, Mr. Youth LLC 


“Partnering with Warren Impact makes it easier for me to do my job. They know how to take the abstract and produce high-quality items. They always stand behind their work and are willing to do whatever it takes to complete a job on time and under budget.” – Dan Rosenthal, production coordinator, Mr. Youth LLC