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decal application required plenty of patience

SpongeBob eagerly awaits an incoming letter

complete mailboxes ready for delivery

complete mailboxes ready for delivery

Smile and say "SpongeBob!"


Spongebob mailboxes

client: Axis Promotions

Hypothetically, let's say that someone comes to you and requests that you convert 50 U.S. Mailboxes into SpongeBob SquarePants characters. Then you find out that the U.S. Postal Service has approved this initiative!

Among other off-the-wall requests received and fulfilled during our half-century of doing business, turning government property into bright yellow cartoon characters is probably at the top of our list!

Not only did they attract attention on the streets of Manhattan, but the "SpongeBoxes" also provided an accessible photo opportunity for NYC regulars as well as wide-eyed tourists.



“Warren Impact is a very creative group of professionals who can handle all aspects of any marketing effort. We were able to create a look and a message that was highly professional at a cost that we could afford.” 
Jack Robbie, president, Oil Depot, Inc.