Steward Health Care

Embossed leather briefcase

Retractable badge holder

Necktie back with custom label

Silk scarf

Embroidered baseball cap

Hot/Cold disposable beverage cups

YETI commuter mug


Steward Health Care Promotional Materials

client: Rice McVaney 

Steward Health Care is the second largest healthcare system in New England. During the company's 2010 launch and two subsequent launches, Rice McVaney Communications has partnered with Warren Impact for the production and distribution of promotional items, which include: neckties, scarves, t-shirts, polo shirts, leather briefcases, lanyards, retractable badge holders, hand sanitizer and paper cups.



“Warren Impact is a full-service company that can do anything from creative concepts to the delivery of any printed piece. I'm sure that if I asked them to get me 1500 candy jars filled with bubble gum that had my company's logo on it and send it to 1500 different locations, Warren Impact could do it fast and efficiently.” 
Annie Price, Vice President of Merchandising, The Talbots Inc.