Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Bruins fans background panel

Unfinished plywood step

Front graphic panel fitted to frame

Fans background attached to frame

Floor panels assembled and placed in position

Finished installation at Boston's TD Garden


Bruins Photo Booth for TD Garden 

client: Allen & Gerritsen

The creative team at Allen & Gerritsen came up with a great marketing idea for their client, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts. What if Boston Bruins fans attending a home game at TD Garden had the opportunity to have their photo taken behind the wheel of the arena's Olympia Ice Resurfacer?*

The healthcare provider loved the concept and gave their approval to have the custom photo booth built. A&G immediately contacted Warren Impact, who immediately began the design and fabrication processes. 

The next time that you have Bruin home game tickets make sure that you stop by the booth and have some photos taken!

*often referred to as a Zamboni, a manufacturer other than Olympia,  whose name has become synonymous with ice resurfacing equipment.




“I have worked with Brad and his team on a bunch of different projects over the years.
When I say different, I mean different! From mailing an apple pie to collateral to signage, Warren Impact does it all!” 
Jeff Tully, Director Print Production, Allen & Gerritsen